Facial recognition and deep learning technology

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Be informed of who is entering your business or building

Hikvision engineers have been developing facial recognition software for many years and it is now a reality. Hikvision’s DeepinMind NVR is the industry’s first deep learning, embedded NVR. The DeepinMind NVR is based on a deep learning algorithm able to recognise a human face or body when performing a second layer of analysis on images. No more false alarms triggered by animals or random objects. Users are also able to quickly and easily search recordings for particular targets, vastly reducing time spent gathering evidence.

Faces can be added to a “white list” to alert staff to high value or VIP clients being present to deliver preferential products and service. Alternatively a “black list” can forewarn staff or security of the presence of known offenders or undesirables giving a proactive security solution.

The DeepinMind NVR integrates with existing Hikvision IP cameras making it a quick and easy way to radically advance the security system’s capabilities with one simple step.

Key Features:

  • Face Detection and Analysis:
    – Powerful face pictures library management
    – Face pictures comparison and alarm linkage actions
    – Search by picture supported
    – More precise face recognition and analytics based on deep learning algorithm
  • Video Input and Transmission:
    – Up to 32-ch IP cameras can be connected
    – Connectable to the third-party network cameras
  • HD Video Output and Decoding:
    – Supports H.265+ decoding format
    – Up to 16-ch decoding at 1080p resolution
    – HDMI1/VGA1 and HDMI2/VGA2 outputs provided
    – HDMI1 output at up to 4K (4096 × 2160) resolution
  • Storage and Playback:
    – Full channel recording at up to 12 MP resolution
    – Up to 8 TB capacity for each HDD supported
    – HDD hot swap with RAID0, RAID1, RAID5, RAID6 and RAID10 storage scheme configurable
    – 16-ch synchronous playback at 1080p resolution
  • VCA Function:
    – Supports multiple VCA (Video Content Analytics) events
    – Smart search for the selected area in the video; and smart playback to improve the playback efficiency
    – Supports VCA search for fire/ship/temperature/temperature difference detection triggered video files
  • Professional and Reliable:
    – ANR technology to enhance the storage reliability when the network is disconnected
    – Configurable normal or hot spare working mode to constitute an N+1 hot spare system

Trinity also offers a stand-alone facial recognition camera; positioned at the entry to your premises this provides a cost effective solution to knowing who is on site and when. This is highly effective in retail, hospitality or any situation with high foot traffic where you may only require a face recognition camera without additional security coverage, or may wish to retain an existing CCTV system while adding face recognition.

Facial recognition can also be employed in your access control to grant access to accredited people without entering codes or swiping cards.

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