Axis Network CCTV & Audio




Axis overview

Axis Communications produce a wide range of CCTV products aimed at the surveillance and security market. The Axis range also includes access control and even network audio systems including POE speakers, perfect for schools or retail environments.


Axis IP cameras, recorders and accessories provide outstanding HD (high definition) image quality even in the most challenging lighting conditions all the while minimising the amount of bandwidth used and storage required.

Axis analytical functionality transforms CCTV cameras from just a security device into a business tool. Axis analytics can give you insights into metrics such as how many people are entering your retail store and the demographics of those people. It can also alert you if the queue at your point of sale gets too long.

Axis Network Audio

Axis C2005 ceiling speaker

Axis’s range of network speakers are an entire audio system in one unit which can be controlled from the Cloud. They’re perfect for playing music in environments such as retail stores, or making scheduled or live announcements. As they run over POE, only one network cable is required, this drastically reduces installation costs. Playlists can be customised and changed easily from any location.

Axis audio schedule


Retail store mini case study:

Imagine you own a chain of retail stores and need an audio system to play background  music. Traditionally you would have needed amplifiers, speakers along with heavy duty speaker cable plus a music source such as a PC, or iPod. All of these components are expensive both to purchase and install plus are labour intensive to maintain with needing to change playlists etc.

With Axis network speakers installation is easy as only one network cable is run to each speaker from your POE switch and no amp or music source is required – this all significantly reduces the installation cost. As the system is controlled from the Cloud you can remotely update playlists in all stores, add automatic scheduled announcements (e.g. store closes in 15 minutes) or add in advertising.

School mini case study:

The principal of a large school wants to install an audio system to be able to address the school and make emergency announcements. Traditionally each block of class rooms would require an amp as well as speakers. All amps would need to be cabled back to the admin office and a complicated switch installed to allow certain areas or class rooms to be addressed individually.

Using an Axis Network Speaker solution is much easier. Speakers are cabled to the closest data outlet saving money on cabling infrastructure. There is no need to cable speakers back to the office or install audio switches as the speakers are all on the schools LAN and can be addressed individually via the Cloud. Automatic announcements can be scheduled (e.g. lunch time is over, please go to your next class) or individual class rooms / the entire school can be addressed manually using the Axis 2N SIP microphone.

Axis 2N SIP microphone with 12x programmable zone buttons


Why Choose Axis?


The design of Axis products, from the outset, is all about reliability. Only top spec materials and components are chosen for every purpose. All Axis products are tested to ensure they are able to withstand vibration, water and humidity, mechanical wear and tear, extreme temperatures and more. They are tested and certified to external standards with every single unit being thoroughly tested during production.

Quality of components and design

Axis invented IP camera technology back 1996. This technology was soon picked up by manufacturers throughout the security industry and has since become the ‘go to’ technology for video surveillance. It is easy to find Axis camera installations which are 10 or more years old where the picture quality and performance are as good as the day they were installed.  This is testament to quality of Axis image sensors and other components – they are NOT built to be a limited lifespan, throw away item, as with many low cost camera manufacturers today.

Axis goes as far as to use intelligent LED cooling on their IR illuminators because if an LED is not cooled sufficiently its lifespan will reduce drastically. The intelligent LED cooling also uses SMDs and copper “vias” to further help transfer heat away from the LED further increasing lifespan.

Firmware reliability

For an electronics product to perform reliably in the field its firmware must be stable at all times. After the camera is installed the user should be able to forget their camera is there and to assume it will just keep working. CCTV cameras are expected to have an extremely high level of uptime and be available whenever a user needs them.

Axis employs a team of engineers with hundreds of computers on a network with over 1000 Ethernet ports, using all different operating systems and combinations of setups, to ensure compatibility of all Axis products. New firmware is tested for at least 10 weeks before release.

Cyber security

With the level of sophistication and number of cyber attacks on CCTV and surveillance system increasing dramatically it is no wonder cyber-security is top of mind for many businesses looking at installing or upgrading their CCTV system.

Technical support

Axis quality isn’t just about components, design and cybersecurity. Axis quality stretches right through to technical support which is available in several formats.

Axis technical support employs over 100 support engineers around the world who are available to assist Axis end users around the clock via the support chat function on the Axis website or emailing the helpdesk. Answers to many questions can be easily found on the FAQ section which is updated with the latest product, configuration, installation and optimization information on all Axis products.

Trinity CCTV is proud to be an Axis Communications partner.