Data Cabling

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It is so much simpler to use one company for all your network data, CCTV and security needs.
From design to implementation we supply real world, turnkey solutions without fuss.
  • Your people deal directly with our people and we promise to speak in plain human speak (not technical jargon)
  • One point of contact means no wrangling with multiple suppliers each trying to do their bit of the puzzle
  • We’ll make sure all the technologies work as one cohesive solution
  • We won’t over sell things you don’t need – our solutions are practical, user friendly and considered
  • We provide a true turnkey service from design through to implementation and ongoing support
  • We know and like doing this kind of work (your sparky may not be so keen)
  • Auckland wide and New Zealand wide installation
  • Service level agreements available

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Network data cabling design to implementation.

Trinity can design an integrated wiring infrastructure that will transmit data, video and voice information throughout your building. This platform forms the basis of how well your network operates and is an important part of modern building design.

We’ll look after the entire process from design to installation to implementation and support. Why is this an advantage? Your electrician may agree to wire for data but a separate IT provider is usually needed to supply the switches, wifi access points etc. Trinity provides a true turnkey solution.

Wireless network design to implementation.

Trinity is proficient in wireless technology with a true understanding of the pros and cons of using wireless hardware in real world environments.

We can design, build and support wireless networks, usually as a secondary coverage option as part of an integrated hardwired solution. WiFi bridges, WiFi access points and other wireless tools can be utilised. Support is provided by us.


Multiple Access Television (MATV) allows paid or free to air TV, as well as CCTV feeds, to be viewed in multiple locations. MATV cabling and hardware allows the signal to be amplified and distributed from a central location to many locations. The most common example is a hotel with Sky TV channels available in each room.

It is a natural extension of network and CCTV installation to include MATV and other Audio Visual (AV) requirements in one efficient solution. Maximise cost savings and ensure seamless integration amongst all the technologies that make up your information network by using Trinity.

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