Access control

Access control systems are becoming increasingly common as part of an overall security system plan.

Being able to control access to certain areas of the premises, as well as monitoring staff movements, can play an important role in maintaining optimum security for the business.

Access control systems can range in size and complexity from simple single door systems (as pictured below) through to nationwide systems managed from a central location. All access control systems allow access after some form of recognition such as a swipe card, proximity fob, or PIN number or more complex biometric measures such as voice recognition or fingerprint scanning.

single door access control example

Larger access control systems can have up to thousands of users with the ability to define each user’s access. This allows each user to have access to certain doors or areas at certain times further enhancing the security of the premises. Access control systems can also be integrated with alarm and surveillance system monitoring for 24 hour security.

Some of the advantages of an access control system over a traditional lock and key system includes:

  • Cost effective access management – a user can be easily deleted from the system if a staff member leaves or loses their access fob
  • Electronic devices such as swipe cards and proximity fobs are much harder to duplicate than a key system
  • Access customisation by user – different access parameters can be set for each user allowing you to grant site access to only what is required
  • Single code access – each user only has to remember one PIN or carry one device to open every door to which they have access (rather than needing different keys for different parts of the building)
  • Monitoring access – with user management software each entry by each user is logged which can provide an invaluable tool when investigating theft or shrinkage, or when internal measuring KPIs.

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