Inception – integrated intruder detection & access control

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Web powered security made simple

Inception is a budget friendly integrated security alarm and access control solution which is powerful and easily expandable. With unique web based software built into the controller Inception can easily be accessed from any PC, tablet or even smart phone. This means there is no software or licences to install, simply browse into the secure interface to make changes to credentials, view the event log and manage the system. Inception can control up to 128 doors and monitor up to 512 detection points making it an ideal solution for a broad range of applications from smart residential homes to medium sized commercial and hospitality projects.

Control Inception using any web browser enabled device

Control building automation and security through one controller

Universal inputs and outputs also allow Inception to be used for monitoring and automated actions of systems such as lighting and air conditioning. For instance, arm the security alarm, switch off air conditioning and interior lighting with just a double swipe of your Inception “sifer” key fob, or arm the alarm only with a single swipe.

Inception consists of attractive modern hardware components including card readers with colour changeable LED lighting

Simple installation reduces time and costs to commission

Inception features an industry-first “Commissioning Checklist” for the installer to follow. This interactive guide ensures all areas to be programmed are completed in a logical sequence and that the system is installed quickly and accurately. There is no software to install or even computers required to be dedicated to the site’s security.

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