Security alarms are designed to detect un-wanted intrusion into your premises.

Systems range from simple wireless alarms suitable for single offices or garages to complex nationwide systems with multiple areas and access levels.

Simply put an alarm system has a control panel to which sensors, sirens, remote and keypads are linked.

Most systems can also be integrated with CCTV, alarm monitoring, guard response, and access control. Trinity can help with all security electronic requirements.

Types of alarm systems:

Wireless alarm systems have no cabling and the components wirelessly connect to the control panel allowing them to be installed in existing buildings where cabling may not be possible or desirable.

Hybrid alarm systems use a mix of hardwired and wireless devices allowing wireless zones to be added to a hardwired control panel in areas where cabling may not be possible or desirable.

Hardwired alarm systems have cabling connecting the components to the control panel which is also hardwired into the building. These systems provide the most scope for expansion and integration as part of a complete security and surveillance package.

What happens if the alarm is activated?

At important consideration when choosing what type of security alarm system toAlarm monitoring is when the alarm panel is connected to a 24-hour monitoring station. In the event of an activation you will be contacted by the monitoring station in accordance with your unique response plan (this can include guard response). This is our recommended option as it ensures your safety and that of your building or home. A monthly fee applies. Learn more about alarm monitoring here.

Self monitored or text monitored alarm systems phone or text you in the event of an alarm activation. They offer the advantage of being notified without the need to pay a monthly fee. However they do rely on cellular coverage and for you to be in a position to receive and respond to the notification.

Non monitored alarms have no monitoring. They are usually the least expensive type of alarm so can be good for low risk security situations.

Many alarm models can be used as a non monitored or monitored system. We can also provide monitoring for your existing alarm in most cases. Learn more about alarm monitoring here.

If you would like to know more about what security system will best suit your environment and requirements please contact us.