Offsite Cloud CCTV recording

Traditionally CCTV and surveillance cameras have been recorded locally using on site NVR’s and DVR’s with on board hard drives. With the advent of fast internet connections, offsite cloud recording and processing of surveilance video is now possible, meaning you never have to worry about having expensive out of date hardware and software or critical hardware failures. Plus, all recordings are stored securely offsite so are safe from theft in the event of a burglary.

Our VSaaS (Video Surveillance as a Service) or cloud CCTV solution by default runs NX Witness VMS software which truely is one of the easiest VMS’s on the market to use and is backed by a fully managed CCTV server and a managed network infrastructure through secured, firewalled fibre WAN. If  you prefer a different VMS we also have Milestone, Avigilon, Digifort and Axis Camera Station

Benefits of Cloud CCTV vs onsite recorders

Lower Capital Expenditure

By removing the cost of servers/NVRs, licensing and hard drives you can expect to save anywhere from $1000.00 – $10000.00 or more on hardware. These savings can be invested in extra cameras or in other parts of your business.

As an example of costs expect to pay in the range of $68.00 +GST per month on a 36 month contract including a 5MP camera, installation and NX Witness cloud recording subscription. Or if you already have IP cameras installed we can record these to the cloud for only $36.00 +GST per month on a 36 month contract. For an accurate quote contact us.


Traditionally when CCTV systems are installed the initial system is specified with a limited number (if any) of spare channels as the cost to go to a larger recorder is significant. Once any spare channels are used a new recorder is required to add any more cameras. A cloud based CCTV system can easily be scaled up at any time without the high cost of additional recorders and as you only pay for what you use you don’t pay for future capacity until you actually need it.

System Support

Because recording hardware and software are “in the cloud” they are fully managed with all on going support included. Most support can be provided remotely including camera firmware updates or configuration changes removing the cost of having a technician visit site. If a site visit is required our mobile technicians are here to help.

Latest technology

Video surveillance technology is always improving and new features are constantly being added. Many of the latest features such as facial recognition, people counting and licence plate recognition are not available on older recorders or VMS software. With a cloud CCTV solution your software is always up to date and you can often benefit from new features at no additional cost.

If you would like more information and a quote on a customised cloud CCTV solution contact our sales team now.

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