Queue detection and management camera

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A new addition to Hikvision’s cutting edge DeepinView range, the queue detection camera offers valuable insights into customer behaviours. This camera is specifically designed to support queue management and can provide useful data to show the way people move through a space. This is extremely valuable for industries such as retail and hospitality as well as a host of other applications.

The 2MP camera is powered by Deep Learning technology and is able to distinguish between different people, even of different heights. This means it can provide an accurate count of people coming in and out, and also tell how long people stay in a certain place – in a queue, for example.

Perhaps most importantly, the camera will alert an operator when the number of people in a determined area, such as a point of sale, exceeds a preset limit. This means more staff can be deployed to assist, further registers can be opened or other measures taken to avoid customer walk outs and improve their experience. The camera can also provide information on the length of time people spend in a certain area. This can be used to manage staff targets and service levels and design an optimum retail environment, among other uses.

Easily accessible analysis through the client software
This graph shows a monthly report on the number of customers who waited between 2.5 and 5 minutes at a counter.

Customised reports are easily extracted from the camera to provide analysis of a particular day, week or month. This can be used to develop effective rosters, gain insights into customer numbers and streamline staff duties to optimise service levels and profits.

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