High definition CCTV

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Are you looking for exceptional high definition video footage from your CCTV system?

The solution is without a doubt megapixel IP technology. A network IP surveillance system provides high quality, large images with excellent detail in both live and recorded footage plus Smart Features including human face and licence plate recognition.

Benefits of IP CCTV:

  • Achieve between 2 to 12+ megapixel resolution from an IP security camera – compared with 0.4MP from a traditional analog security camera
  • High definition technology supplies larger images with more detail for improved facial recognition and object monitoring
  • IP is future proof because expansion is almost unlimited allowing additional cameras or the latest technology model to be added easily
  • Megapixel security cameras can cover a much wider area – in some situations a single IP CCTV camera can replace up to four or more analog cameras
  • The functionality of an IP system is fantastic with features like missing/foreign object search which save time and money when reviewing footage
  • Customisable alerts such as intrusion detection, line crossing and people counting
  • Remote view and playback from virtually any internet connected device
  • Easily integrate with POS systems, number plate recognition, alarms and access control systems
  • IP cameras are cabled in standard network cable CAT5e or higher or can utilize your existing LAN.

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How about HD analog?

A relatively recent CCTV development is high definition analog technology which is often referred to by the protocol it uses such as ‘HDTVI’ (High Definition Transport Video Interface). CCTV manufacturers introduced HDTVI to address the need to upgrade large low resolution analog installations which had been cabled in coax without the huge cost of installing new network cable for IP equipment.

Today’s HDTVI cameras generally start at 1080P or 2MP resolution and go up from there to the soon to be released 4K HDTVI. The picture quality offered by HDTVI cameras is very good however there are pros and cons to this type of camera system:


  • Existing cable infrastructure can often be used saving the cost of re-cabling
  • The system uses the same BNC connectors as existing traditional analog cameras and recorders saving time on installation
  • High resolution video can be sent long distances (400m+ in some cases) without the use of repeaters or switches (compared with IP cameras which have a maximum cable run of 100m)
  • HDTVI recorders can record HD analog, standard analog and IP cameras on the one recorder increasing options for upgrading existing systems without starting from scratch.


  • There can be an increase in picture interference due to electrical noise (much more so than with IP) especially if powering the camera down the same cable as the video signal (picture interference is also more noticeable with HDTVI compared with old analog cameras due to the higher resolution video)
  • The cost of cabling extra cameras or cabling a new HDTVI installation is higher as they work best on high quality coax cable rather than CAT5e/CAT6 network cable.

Which HD solution is better?

What CCTV solutions is better depends on the situation but generally IP is the preferred option, especially for new installations. Feel free to contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

Trinity CCTV Solutions is an Auckland based kiwi company that can design, install, support and maintain an IP CCTV system of any size and configuration. We offer an Auckland wide on-site consultation and survey service.

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