Free security camera evaluation

Although your business premises may already have security cameras that doesn’t mean they will be effective in the event of an incident.

Surveillance technology moves on quickly and over the past few years there has been huge advances in the quality and affordability of high definition equipment. If your existing CCTV is more than two years old we recommend a security camera evaluation.

Trinity CCTV Auckland offers a free, on-site, no obligation evaluation of your existing security camera or CCTV system in the Auckland area. This independent review will include an audit of all camera positions and operation, as well as recording capability and remote access capability. Often we can offer options for improvement of the existing system without a full replacement or we can provide a quote to replace obsolete systems.

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Are your security cameras working?

Many business owners first contact us after something has happened and their existing cameras have failed to record footage or what has been recorded is of such bad quality it is un-usable. And many companies struggle to do more than the basic live view and playback operations -exporting video clips or stills can be very frustrating on older systems.

Here’s a few pointers to think about:

  • When was the last time you played back each camera? If the camera isn’t working it can’t record so you may miss vital footage if something happens.
  • Are the cameras in the right positions? Over time staff move around and the building layout changes so it’s crucial your cameras are facing the action.
  • What is the resolution of the cameras? Our standard resolution camera is now 6MP (megapixels). Most cameras out there are less than 0.5MP
  • Do you know how to access the recorder? Sounds simple but many business owners don’t know how to even do basic things like checking footage.
  • Have you tried to export recorded footage or stills? With a modern recorder this can be done in seconds from your smart phone.
  • Do you even have remote access to your cameras from your mobile phone? 
  • Do you have UPS and battery back up provisions? If you do when was the battery last replaced?
  • Who do you call for help? Trinity CCTV provides phone and email support for all clients. If you need to get footage off the recorder we’re on hand to help.
  • Did you have the system installed or was it already in the building? If you didn’t get it installed there’s a high chance you haven’t answered yes to any of the above questions.
  • Is the system more than two years old? If so, it’s time for a review.
To book contact us by email or call or friendly team on 0508 11 00 22

Get a security camera evaluation

A security evaluation takes about half an hour in most cases. This is a free service provided by Trinity CCTV to help Auckland and NZ business owners who are looking to understand where their existing security camera system is and what options there are for improvement.

To book contact us by email or call or friendly team on 0508 11 00 22
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