AcuSense cameras record only important events

Hikvision’s AcuSense range is designed to record only important events rather than all motion events such as animals, rain, trees moving in the wind or car headlights passing by. AcuSense uses deep learning algorithms to classify targets and filter out events which are not human or vehicles. This makes finding recorded events much easier as well as making more efficient use of storage space.

False alarm triggered by an animal in the frame

AcuSense features “Quick Target Search” which categorises recordings into human or vehicle events. For instance, if a user wants to find a vehicle event only this becomes a far quicker and easier process than trawling through all recorded motion events.

Selected AcuSense cameras have added security in the form of a flashing strobe light and audible alarm which are triggered upon detection of human or vehicle movement during scheduled times. This effectively warns off intruders at the same time as providing a clear illuminated view of the subject.

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