People counting solutions to maximise profits

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Accurate people counting provides valuable insights into your retail business for increased success

Counting the number of people who enter your business throughout the day can help streamline your operations and increase revenues in many ways. For example, it provides accurate insights into the times of day when more staff are required to improve service levels, or fewer staff are required reducing expenses. It also enables you to proactively plan staffing and inventory levels over coming days, weeks or months to minimise wastage and exploit busy periods.

In the past people counting has been inaccurate as the camera counted any object that moved through the count area such as shopping trolleys or baby strollers. Problems can be amplified by poor lighting conditions, with even shadows contributing to misleading information. By using a dual lens, next generation people counting cameras have a 3D perspective enabling them to determine the height of the subject and only count people and not inanimate objects or shadows. Hikvision 3D people counting cameras act as security cameras as well as a data gathering tool, protecting your customers and business while providing valuable information on people entering, exiting and passing by your business.

Hikvision’s dual lens people counting camera can be installed as a stand-alone solution or integrated into a complete CCTV security system.

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