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Protect and monitor your premises 24 hours a day with a CCTV system, from wherever you are.


Many New Zealand businesses now use video surveillance systems as an effective deterrent against criminal activity. Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) can be used to help protect and monitor your property and assets, as well your staff as well as providing useful information such as logging the licence plates of vehicles entering your premises or counting how many people visit your retail store.

A CCTV system records surveillance footage from the security cameras onto a recording device which allows you to view both live and recorded footage as well as take snap shots to keep or email to security services or the Police in the event of a break in or shoplifter. All our systems also include remote viewing from any internet connected device such as your laptop, smart phone or tablet.

A system can be as simple as a single stand alone security camera recording to an on board SD card or as complex as a multi-site centrally controlled hub managing hundreds of CCTV cameras with security system, automation and access control integration.

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HD or SD digital CCTV

  1. High definition (HD) CCTV uses either IP (Internet Protocol) network cameras or one of the high definition analog protocols such as HDTVI or HDCVI. For new installations where new cabling is installed we recommend megapixel IP cameras with an NVR (Network Video Recorder) as the basis of the system. An HD IP system records high quality images providing exceptional detail in the live and recorded footage. Our IP camera system start at 2MP/1080P resolution right up to 4K/8MP resolutions and beyond.
  2. Standard definition (SD) CCTV is generally cost effective and reliable but more suitable to home systems due to their low resolution. Standard definition analog CCTV cameras record to a DVR (Digital Video Recorder) at a resolution of 1MP (720P) or lower and are usually cabled using coax. Many older CCTV systems still include low resolution analog cameras often at a resolution of 700TVL or lower. These types of CCTV systems are not suitable for surveillance as the resolution is too low to be of any use in identifying people or vehicles.

Trinity CCTV Solutions is an Auckland based CCTV company that can design, install, support and maintain both IP and analog surveillance systems that covers as much or as little as you need. We offer an Auckland wide on-site consultation and survey service as well as a range of CCTV cameras and recorders and install New Zealand wide. As a Certified Hikvision Gold Partner having completed Hikvision factory training you can be assured of our expertise.

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