Hikvision DS-2CD6424FWD 2MP covert IP camera with SD slot

$1,299.00 inc GST

An HD 2MP covert camera with tiny 3mm lens and optional SD recording.

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This Hikvision 2 MP (megapixel) covert or hidden network IP camera records full HD (high definition) images to a built in SD card recorder (64GB max) or it can be integrated with our many NVRs if longer recording times are required.

Most covert or spy cameras are still based on analog technology and are low resolution with small data recording capabilities. However when a covert camera is required so too is the need to be able to clearly view what is happening in the surveillance footage. This is what this HD covert camera will provide. The actual camera itself is very small so the design is very versatile and allows the device to be effectively hidden.

Benefits and uses include

  • The camera itself is very small and views through a 3mm lens so can be hidden behind walls or built in to other devices using the included rear camera mount for a truly covert installation
  • The “brains” of the system are connected to the camera by a 2m cable allowing separate installation into tight places
  • Perfect for use as a nanny cam or to covertly record staff or customers
  • Powered from PoE or 12v DC meaning it can easily be installed as a hidden camera in cars, motorhomes or boats
  • Rotate mode to better orientate the camera for long hallways
  • Good low light performance down to 0.001lux in night mode (B&W)
  • High resolution maximum resolution – 1920(H)×1080(V)
  • 120 dB wide dynamic range (WDR)
  • 3D image noise reduction
  • Built in SD card recorder (up to 64GB)
  • Records to an NVR, NAS or on board SD card
  • Manufactured by Hikvision
  • 24 month manufacturer’s warranty

There are several ways to view the camera and recordings:

  1. Connect to your existing network modem with the built in network port – the camera has its own IP address and you can connect to it using your PC/Mac or smart phone or tablet. If you have a static IP address you will be able to program your modem to allow remote access to the camera from the internet.
  2. Stand alone WIFI network – add our WIFI hotspot which includes a WIFI access point along with a preconfigured camera and 12vDC plug pack. Simply connect to the cameras secure WIFI network with your PC/Mac, smart phone or tablet to view the camera and recordings. With this option the camera is only viewable within the local WIFI range.
  3. Stand alone 3G + WIFI – add our 3G/WIFI hotspot which includes a 3G modem with WIFI and prepaid SIM card (including $20 credit) along with a preconfigured camera and 12vDC plug pack. You can now connect from anywhere on the internet. The modem also has a built in WIIF hotspot which allows you to view the camera and recordings while in WIFI range without incurring Telecom data charges. Great for remote locations or where no internet is available, all you need is a Telecom 3G signal where the camera is installed.

We can also build the spy camera system into many other devices to help disguise the camera – items such as radios, junction boxes or soft toys work very well. Contact us to discuss your ideas.

Spec sheet

Hikvision DS-2CD6412FWD covert camera spec sheet