IP dome cameras

The biggest advantage with IP cameras is the detail rich, high definition CCTV footage they record. The better quality the image the more useful the footage will be.

Domes are one of the most popular types of housing for cameras. A dome camera has a subtle, non intrusive presence making it the preferred choice for interior installations. It is also harder to tell exactly what area is being recorded as the lens direction is less obvious.

Trinity recommends Hikvision CCTV cameras which when purchased through us (as part of the official distribution channel) will be supported by a 36 month manufacturer’s warranty. This ensures the correct firmware version and New Zealand support for your peace of mind.

Please give us a call on 0508 11 00 22 or send us an email if you need advice or would like to arrange a no obligation free on-site assessment. You can also learn more about CCTV technology from our Learn About CCTV pages.

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