Is it worth getting a new IP CCTV system?

We still see a fair number of analog CCTV systems in businesses and homes in use around Auckland which is a shame because today’s IP CCTV technology has so far outstripped old systems in performance and technology.

It’s now pretty affordable to replace your old gear all together with an IP CCTV system – we use 5MP (megapixel) cameras as a minimum for new installs now!

Plus HDCVI or HDTVI cameras and recorders offer high definition recording using existing wiring for a very cost effective upgrade.

If you’re not sure what all the fuss is about with IP check out our demo video.

It compares real life recordings from our Auckland CCTV showroom with a 420TVL analog camera and an entry level 4MP Hikvision IP camera. We take a look at:

  • CCTV footage recorded on both types of camera at the same time
  • Stills taken from the footage – if something happens and you want to use a photo to identify a face or something that happened you take a snapshot or still from the footage
  • Zoom in on the stills – this is common practice to try and identify a face or transaction
  • Image size – we show you the reality of the difference is size and detail between the analog and megapixel footage

If you’d like to learn more about the technical differences between different CCTV cameras check out our extensive CCTV information pages.

And our friendly team is here to help, send us an email or call 0508 11 00 22. We also offer a free on-site security evaluation of your existing CCTV system Auckland wide.