NEW! HD 1080P Hikvision dash camera

Dash cameras have become an essential piece of equipment for anyone driving on NZ roads. A dash camera is mounted on the windscreen of your vehicle and records what is happening on the road in front of you. So if you witness, or are involved, in an event on the road the camera will have recorded what happened. This can be very valuable for insurance and safety purposes.

Hikvision, the world’s largest camera manufacturer, have released an excellent new product for the dash camera market – the HIKVISION AE-DN2016-F3 dash camera.

Unlike many other models of dash camera this one is stylishly designed and small in size. It has an excellent high definition 1080P camera which records great quality video plus there’s no annoying LCD monitor (you can playback on the free app). The video is recorded onto the camera’s SD card (not included) with automatic overwriting of the oldest files.

This model also includes a few other great features like a built-in GPS receiver which records location and speed along with the video, plus a mini remote control that allows you take instant snapshot videos which are saved to a separate folder. There are also optional driver prompts including the speed limit signs and traffic light green warnings.

It’s easy to self-install with a windscreen mount with magnetic quick connect so you can easily remove and safely store the camera when leaving the car. You can watch our quick video demonstrating this on the product page.

You can buy the Hikvision AE-DN2016-F3 dash camera online from us with nationwide courier delivery. Learn more about the Hikvision AE-DN2016-F3 dash camera here.