New generation 8 megapixel camera demo

We’ve just installed a new generation 8MP (8 megapixel) IP camera in our Auckland CCTV showroom.

We’re so impressed we decided to make a field trial video comparing footage with a standard analog 420TVL camera. There are still a number of analog CCTV systems in use in businesses and homes around Auckland but take a look at the difference!

For those of us who like the numbers – the resolution of an 8MP CCTV camera is a whopping 3264 x 2448 pixels compared with the 420TVL resolution which is less than 1/2 a single megapixel. The pixel (or dot) count determines how much information is recorded. The more information the bigger the image and the easier it is to enlarge or zoom in on a still frame.

For those of us who prefer a picture – here’s an idea of what that means for a snapshot taken from each of the camera’s footage recorded showing the relative size of each image.

To make it a bit more of a challenge for the cameras we pointed them into the afternoon sun coming through the bank of windows in our showroom. Just like when we look into the sun while trying to view a person or object it makes it very difficult to make out any detail. This is a common challenge we come up against in many CCTV installations. So take a look at what happens.

If you’d like to learn more about the technical differences between different CCTV cameras check out our extensive CCTV information pages.

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