New field trial to demonstrate 70 metre zoom

Hikvision’s DS-2CD4A24FWD-IZ bullet surveillance camera features a 2MP (megapixel) image sensor with a 4.7-94mm motorised auto focus zoom lens.

In the past, for situations requiring the kind of adjustability and zoom this all-in-one CCTV camera provides we would need to install a full body camera, with a separate lens, a separate illuminator and an outdoor housing. Instead this sleek, compact IP camera provides a whole host of features along with an exceptional zoom capacity and auto focus lens.

So what does that mean in the real world? Check out our field trial which was recorded on one of our demonstration cameras at our Auckland CCTV showroom. We zoomed in from our building to 70 metres across the road and park to a handily placed sign. Note how the camera auto focuses as it zooms. Even at full zoom the image is crystal clear, you can read the words on the signage as well as getting clear numberplate and facial recognition. Very impressive!

Learn more about this camera on our product page for the Hikvision DS-2CD4A24FWD-IZ bullet camera.