Free on-site security evaluation Auckland wide

Many business owners first phone us when something has happened on their premises and they need help with getting the footage from their existing CCTV system. Sometimes they realise only then that they have no idea how to log on to access the footage. Or they’ve logged in but nothing has recorded. Or the camera was facing at an odd angle and only half the scene is visible. Or most commonly, what has been recorded is of such bad quality it is un-usable.

So just because your business premises has security cameras it doesn’t mean they will be effective in the event of an incident.

Trinity CCTV offers an on-site, free, no obligation evaluation of any existing security camera system Auckland wide. This independent review looks at whether the cameras are working, where the are positioned, how much footage can be stored and if you have remote access to your cameras. Learn more about our free security evaluation service here.

Often we can offer options for improvement of the existing system without a full replacement or we can provide a quote to replace obsolete systems. If your existing CCTV is more than two years old we recommend a security camera evaluation.

To book contact us by email or call 0508 11 00 22