The Trinity CCTV Solutions brand is owned by Manta Electronics (Manta).

Manta does not represent that the products it sells may not be compromised or circumvented; that the products will prevent personal injury or property loss; or that the products will in all cases provide adequate warning or protection. A properly installed and maintained security system may only reduce the risk of a burglary, fire or otherwise, but it is not insurance or guarantee that such will not occur or that there will be no personal injury or property loss as a result, nor with CCTV systems is footage guaranteed, nor with GPS systems is tracking guaranteed. Consequently Manta shall have no liability for any personal injury, property damage or other loss based on a claim the product failed to give any warning or prevent loss.

Any security system is subject to compromise or failure for a variety of reasons.

For example:

  • Intruders may gain access through or to openings or areas that are not covered by the surveillance or security system, or have the technical sophistication to bypass the system.
  • Devices powered solely by AC (such as a DVR or alarm) will not work if their AC power supply is cut off for any reason, however briefly. Devices powered by your vehicle (such as a car alarm) will not work if the car battery is flat. A power surge can also prevent or affect the operation of your system. Battery operated devices (such as remotes) will not work without batteries, with dead batteries or if the batteries are not put in properly.
  • Signals sent by wireless transmitters may be blocked or reflected by metal before they reach the receiver. Even if the signal path has been recently checked during a weekly test, blockage can occur if a metal object is moved into the path.
  • GPS tracking is not invincible and no GPS hardware will be able to guarantee position logs 100% of the time. GPS devices rely on being able to communicate with the satellites in space and so in highly built up areas or underground carparks reception can be blocked. If the antenna is removed or has moved the system will be unable to log its position.
  • Remote access may be compromised if the internet or router goes down or temporarily goes down. These can also be subject to compromise by sophisticated intruders.
  • Even if a surveillance system records as intended, the user will need to access the footage before it is overwritten in the system’s memory. This is why regular back-ups are useful.
  • All electrical devices are subject to component failure. Even though our equipment is designed to last as long as 10 years, the electronic components could fail at any time.
  • The most common cause of a surveillance system not recording footage, or a security system not triggering, is inadequate maintenance and/or incorrect settings. We recommend you retrieve footage from your system weekly to ensure the cameras and DVR are settings are operating correctly and/or do weekly tests on your alarm.
  • Installing a surveillance and/or security system is not a substitute for insurance. Business owners, homeowners, car owners and property owners should continue to act prudently in protecting themselves and continue to insure their lives and property.

We continue to develop new and improved protection devices. Users of security systems owe it to themselves and their loved ones to learn about these developments.

Notes on the configuration of remote access of recorders

Most recorders include software to allow remote access via the internet and portable mobile devices. Remote access will need to be installed and configured on your PC as well as your portable mobile device.

Your IT set-up

To enable remote access via the internet your router must have a static IP address issued by your Internet Service Provider (ISP). From there, providing your router and its settings are configurable with the DVR, you (or our technicians if you have paid for installation) will, in most cases, be able to connect the DVR onto your network and configure remote access within your router.

Portable mobile devices

To enable remote access via your portable mobile device (such as an iPhone, iPad or Android device) the correct application/software for your device will need to loaded and configured on to your phone. Access to the application/software is available through Trinity CCTV Solutions (Manta) for you to load on your phone. From there, in most cases, you will be able to configure remote access from the phone.


While in most cases it will be possible to configure remote access, Manta does not guarantee this in all instances and you may need your IT manager or IT provider on-site to assist in network set-up. Any costs associated with external contractors assisting with your system requirements are your responsibility. Time spent by Trinity CCTV (Manta) technicians assisting with your system requirements will be charged on an hourly basis.