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Cameras and recorders for trucks, cars, buses and trains

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We’ve all seen crazy dash cam videos on Youtube and on TV. Our mobile CCTV and vehicle CCTV systems take this concept to the next level with multiple cameras, extended storage and vehicle data recording. Our vehicle CCTV systems are purpose built to operate in vehicles and will provide years of trouble free operation. Vehicle CCTV components must be built tough to withstand the harsh vibrations, voltage fluctuations and variances in temperature found in trucks, cars and vans. Trinity’s vehicle camera systems provide high definition video to help identify faces and read licence plates.

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The benefits of mobile CCTV for your business

  • Record activity around the vehicle with front, rear and side view cameras.
  • Allow driver to see blind spots around the vehicle.
  • Monitor driver behaviour with in cab cameras.
  • Monitor deliveries, loading and unloading and in transit stock damage with cargo area cameras.
  • Monitor passenger vandalism and damage with passenger area cameras.
  • HD technology gives you larger images with more detail for improved facial recognition and licence plate recording.
  • External pan tilt zoom (PTZ) cameras can provide a remotely controlled view around the vehicle even when it is moving.
  • Remote access via cellular connection -view cameras live from head office while vehicle is on the road.
  • Wifi for connectivity when vehicle back at base.
  • Over lay GPS location on video recordings.
  • Record inputs from vehicle components such as brake pedal, indicators, reverse signal etc.
  • Quicker insurance claim resolution

What are the components of a mobile CCTV system?

We recommend only installing products specifically designed for mobile use as the mobile environment is very harsh on electronics. Fluctuating voltage from vehicle power systems, extreme vibration and large variances in temperature will quickly destroy CCTV equipment designed for static building use. Although the initial outlay may be higher the total cost of ownership will be lower due to reduced product failures and vehicle down time.

  • Cameras -smaller in size than building cameras with wider angle lens for close up in vehicle use.
  • An NVR or DVR which records extra inputs as well as video and allows playback and search of the video footage.
  • A monitor for viewing cameras from inside the vehicle (if required).
  • Cabling -usually with aviation type locking connectors.
  • Removable storage with vibration protection for easy playback on office PC.

Types of vehicle CCTV and mobile CCTV we offer

  • Truck and trailer CCTV and surveillance cameras with .
  • Car CCTV and dash cameras.
  • Bus CCTV and passenger surveillance cameras.
  • Train CCTV and passenger surveillance cameras.
  • Heavy machinery (excavator, mining machinery etc).

    Need advice or a free quote? Call 0508 11 00 22, visit our Auckland CCTV showroom or click here.