The advantages of HDCVI CCTV

This article outlines the main advantages of HDCVI CCTV technology to help you decide if it will work best for you. Please call us on 0508 11 00 22 or email us if you have further questions.

HDCVI CCTV stands for High Definition Composite Video Interface and can sometimes be referred to as high definition analog CCTV. It is a relatively new technology that offers the benefits of high definition recording without all of the costs associated with a full IP CCTV system.

What are the advantages of an HDCVI CCTV system?

HDCVI CCTV offers HD recording at a lower cost

The biggest advantage with HDCVI CCTV technology is that it offers high definition recording with the same installation advantages of conventional analog CCTV solutions. This generally means a lower cost installation and no network issues.

HDCVI cameras installed on standard coax cable

HDCVI cameras offer up to 2 megapixel recording resolution (1920×1080) but are installed using standard coax cable.

This means if you have an existing analog CCTV system the HDCVI cameras can simply replace your old analog cameras. It also means long cable runs over 100m are possible and a lower overall cabling cost when compared with IP CCTV. This can offer significant savings for large commercial buildings or multi-building sites.

Because and HDCVI system is not attached to the business or home network it won’t be at the mercy of network issues. Large file sizes, limitations to the bandwidth, viruses or too many devices trying to use the network (congestion) are just some of the challenges facing the installation and ongoing maintenance of an IP system.

HDCVI DVRs are only compatible with HDCVI CCTV cameras. Although HDCVI uses the same BNC type locking connectors and the same cable standard analog and HDCVI equipment is not interchangeable.

If you have an existing analog system the cables and connectors will most likely be compatible with an HDCVI DVR. This means you can upgrade your system to HDCVI high definition cameras and recorder without having to re-cable or buy expensive adapters.

View footage in true real time

Because the image from a HDCVI CCTV camera is processed and compressed at the DVR (not the camera) it can be viewed live with no delay. IP cameras can experience ‘lag’ for up to 2-seconds.