Security technology for Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity believes everybody deserves a decent place to live, that is in fact, a basic human right. With a warm, dry, adequate home, families have a foundation from which each member can grow and thrive. Indeed research shows strong links between housing and wellbeing, educational achievements and lower crime rates.

Here in New Zealand most people are aware that there are too many families and individuals who currently live in poor housing conditions. Which is where Habitat for Humanity New Zealand is stepping up to effect change. With the help of thousands of volunteers each year, they build new homes as well as repair and renovate houses to meet the needs of their occupants. They also run social rental properties to help make affordability housing accessible.

As part of this multi-faceted approach, Habitat for Humanity has 17 ReStores nationwide. These second hand stores accept and resell new and gently used items. All sales generate funds to support Habitat’s building programmes, while reducing the amount of used materials in overflowing landfills.

This is where Trinity CCTV first crossed paths with Habitat for Humanity. The Otara ReStore was running a mismatched old analog surveillance system that was struggling to be of any use in the busy retail store. We were able to quickly make a difference with an upgraded IP CCTV system including new recorders and high definition cameras. The new system provides better coverage of the store, with wider angle cameras able to catch all the action, and better placement of cameras to cover high risk areas.

Habitat for Humanity’s Otara ReStore – a new high definition camera looks on

The following year we expanded the system to cover the warehouse and sorting building, linking it to the main system with a WiFi bridge. This means there are no cable runs between the buildings, saving a huge amount on the installation cost. The Trinity system also gives management remote access to both areas.

By now we had established a great working relationship with development manager Alan Cowan who was keen to involve Trinity in some new projects.

First up was a multi-tiered installation for Habitat’s exciting new Panmure ReStore fit out. This included a security alarm system, the data cabling for the store’s networking and a new IP CCTV system. By installing IP we ensure the highest resolution cameras and future upgradability of the system.

Most recently we also installed an alarm and camera system for one of Habitat for Humanity’s finished homes. This cost effective solution will help the peace of mind of the residents as they settle into life in their community.

The advantages of having a single supplier handling all these requirements is Alan only needs to deal with his Trinity account manager to look after all of their sites. Plus our technical team knows exactly what has been installed and how it all works together, providing a seamless solution for the client.

We’re looking forward to our next project with Habitat for Humanity. Just like anything in life, each project is unique to the people and situation and we so enjoy customising solutions for each site while providing overall support to a company making such a difference to the lives of New Zealanders.

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