NZ wide retail chain upgrades to HD CCTV

With an estimated $1.2 billion of shrinkage happening every year in New Zealand many retail business have already invested in CCTV and alarm systems as part of their crime prevention program.

However the advances in surveillance technology over the past five years means many existing analog systems are now obsolete. This can be problematic for large retail chains who cannot justify the cost of replacing the CCTV in each and every store despite the benefits of moving to high definition IP.

This was the situation facing New Zealand’s biggest musical equipment retailer Rockshop. With 25 stores nationwide the Rockshop Group continues to expand both the number and size of its retail stores. And with an impressive range of musical instrument brands and products, along with their household name status, managing retail crime is an ever evolving undertaking.

While most of the Rockshop stores had a mix of existing analog CCTV systems that were sufficient for monitoring customer movement the image quality was not good enough for POS monitoring or facial recognition. Furthermore management had limited to no remote access from Head Office so any playback or exporting of footage had to be done in each store.

With 25 stores spread across the country a cost effective plan was needed which would incorporate some existing cameras and also add high resolution CCTV for key areas.

Trinity CCTV’s solution was to install brand new HDTVI recorders and replace key camera locations with high definition (HD) cameras. The beauty of HDTVI cameras is that in most cases the existing cabling and connectors were used which greatly reduced the labour cost of the upgrade. Furthermore the HDTVI recorders not only record the newly upgraded cameras but also the remaining analog cameras. And as new stores come online Rockshop has opted to install the latest IP camera system to ensure the highest resolution and future upgradability.

The other big win was the implementation of remote access for Rockshop’s management. The recorders are connected to the business VPN network enabling full visibility and functionality of the system from Head Office, without exposing the CCTV system to the internet and possible hacking. In the event of an incident Rockshop’s Head Office IT team can help store managers to playback and export footage for sending to the local Police. Trinity also offers comprehensive support for all clients, including assistance with retrieving footage as required.

Director Brett Wells says he “sees the addition of the vastly improved CCTV systems as an integral part of Rockshop’s Health & Safety strategy … helping keep our employees safe!” With remote access giving real time access to live and recorded footage many companies, like Rockshop, recognise the important role their camera system can play in Health & Safety management.

Here at Trinity we can attest to the professionalism, knowledge and enthusiasm of the Rockshop team. From our Rockshop account manager to the installers and technical support team, we all enjoy interacting with Head Office management and the Rockshop stores. And who wouldn’t be excited about partnering with a brand that does such awesome gear! We look forward to working with Rockshop for many years to come.

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