Multiple conviction results from HD CCTV

Pure frustration at the repeated vandalism of his commercial building drove an Auckland city landlord to start looking for a way of tracking down the culprits.

This large property located in the heart of Auckland’s central city was being plagued with nearly nightly incidences of vandalism. The tagging and willful damage to external fixtures was bad enough but it was the window etching that proved to be the last straw. The large plate glass windows at the entrance were repeatedly etched requiring multiple replacements. These expensive and disruptive repairs were affecting the tenants and the insurance company’s patience. And worst of all it seemed to be the same perpetrator each time.

After an on-site consultation Trinity installed 8x 3MP high definition cameras with a high spec NVR recorder. The 3 megapixel Hikvision camera is our most popular resolution for commercial installations. It provides a large, crisp image with plenty of detail for good facial recognition and object identification. The resolution is high but not so much so that storing several months footage is any problem – this is important for the client as he travels for over a month at a time and needs to be able to review any incidents that take place when he is returns. Plus all Trinity’s Hikvision NVRs include remote view which allows the client to securely log in and view the live cameras anytime from any internet connected device.

Auckland inner city CCTV security

A few nights after installation the window etcher was back but this time his actions were recorded with full high definition CCTV. The footage was taken to police who straight away recognised the culprit as someone suspected of vandalising multiple central city sites, including many bus shelters. All they needed was evidence which thanks to the footage they now had. The etcher was duly arrested and faced his day in court.

Since that initial success the system has gone on to prove its worth many times over in helping to protect the building and the surrounding streets. In fact footage has been used by police in a murder enquiry and a stabbing incident, both events were fortunately not near the building itself, but the police now know where to turn to get decent CCTV footage for the area.

We continue to visit every few months to help with footage retrieval or to service the system as new devices and technologies are added to the building’s network. There’s always an interesting story to hear and some great footage to view so our team looks forward to getting the chance to visit.

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