Helping the paw

Animal welfare is a cause that is dear to the hearts of many of our team here at Trinity CCTV and so we were pleased to hear from Gutter Kitties, one of our favourite local charities.

Gutter Kitties are on the front line of animal rescue, dedicated to rescuing and rehoming stray cats and kittens in the Whangaparaoa area. They operate as a “no-kill” shelter which means each individual animal is rehabilitated and re-homed, regardless of age, temperament or condition. This commitment takes great dedication as each animal is provided with whatever resources are required to achieve this.

Gutter Kitties - Paw PadThe charity runs a communal shelter located in Stanmore Bay in Whangaparaoa called Paw Pad where rescued cats can first go upon coming into their care.

Here they are tamed by volunteers before moving into foster homes in preparation for finding their own human family. This allows even timid, anxious and under-socialised cats to be eventually re-homed.

One of the ways Gutter Kitties raise the funds needed to support their work is through an Oppurrtunity Shop in Stanmore Bay. The shop was being affected by repeated theft from the shop. Seriously, who would steal from a charity shop!

Here at Trinity CCTV we jumped at the chance to help them out by sponsoring the supply and installation of a surveillance system. This includes a large monitor that allows staff to easily track people’s movements. Within the first couple of days a person was stopped before he managed to leave the premises with goods he had not paid for. We’ve now added some bold warning signage which we hope will help deter would be thieves from targeting the shop in the future.

If you’d like to learn more about Gutter Kitties you can find them at: