Remote build site benefits from HD CCTV

Fuel Installations provides a range of specialist products and services throughout the country designed for service stations and other re-fuelling facilities. This can extend right through to turnkey service station construction including design and commission.

Director Bryce Bacon contacted Trinity CCTV during the construction of a new service station. This ground-up design and build site was busy, with the added challenges of being in a remote area with no internet service. Bryce needed to be able to keep up to date with developments even when he was not on-site himself plus security was an issue, particularly after hours.

After a consultation with Trinity we recommended a customised security package that could be rented on a daily basis as long as required. Our construction site rental cameras are configured for the client’s brief and the site requirements making them a viable and comprehensive alternative for building site security. Plus, as is the case with Fuel Installations they can offer a whole lot more.

We installed high resolution 3MP cameras which record on motion 24-hours a day. These pole mounted cameras allow a view of the entire site and all activity is recorded. The system also gives Bryce remote access so he can monitor the site live, or review footage, from his smart phone. This allows him to stay up to speed with everything that is happening on the build from wherever he is plus have quick access to recorded footage if required for on the spot decision making.

The system has also been set up to take and save a still shot at the same time every day. At the completion of the build this has been turned into a time-lapse video showing the entire construction from start to finish. This clever idea of Bryce’s will be used as part of the client’s completion look-book as well as being a great example of the Fuel Installations team at work.

Fuel Installations have already moved the system to the next site so we look forward to working with them for many more interesting service station builds. Learn more about Trinity’s site rental solutions here.

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Time lapse video

Example images

Fuel Installations BP build - site 1


Fuel Installations BP build site 2

Fuel Installations BP build - site 2