HD CCTV improves work flow in this busy workshop

When you think about using CCTV in your premises ‘security’ is usually the first word that springs to mind. However a surveillance system with high definition cameras can play an important operational role, particularly in busy and demanding environments.

Wayne Drinnan, Director of Diesel Services Albany runs an impressive heavy vehicle workshop on the North Shore in Auckland. They specialise in truck and diesel machinery repairs and servicing from electrical issues to welding, engine, diff and gear box reconditioning. As a one-stop-shop they are also COF certified and can complete both the COF-pre check and also the COF.

Diesel Services Albany also often work at night to service trucks which cannot be off the road during the day. Wayne and his team of highly qualified and experienced technicians offer a high standard of workmanship and efficiency to reduce maintenance, repair time and cost for their customers. So as you can imagine the workshop is a hive of activity with vehicles, people and machinery.

We first talked to Wayne when he was referred to Trinity CCTV from another local business (our favourite way of getting new clients). Chris from Trinity visited Diesel Services Albany and came back buzzing with stories of the scale of the workshop and vehicles. In consultation with Wayne we put together a comprehensive high resolution IP CCTV system which has quickly become a vital tool in helping him managing the business.

Birds eye view of the workshop from one of the IP cameras

Wide angle IP cameras are fitted high in the corners of the workshop and cameras with tighter viewing angles are used in the narrow driveway and external areas around the workshop. This provides high definition surveillance of the exterior of the building, any vehicles parked outside, the retail parts store, and an awesome birds eye view of the workshop floor.

The cameras are used to improve workflow within the workshop, assist with Health & Safety compliance and staff training, and of course, with security.

Pit camera in high definition

Further cameras are fitted in the pit to record underneath trucks that are being worked on. This inventive application ensures there is a record of all work undertaken for a customer as well as well as assisting with Health & Safety compliance and staff development.

And, as with any Trinity CCTV system, remote access is included, so Wayne and his management team can view the live cameras and also playback recorded footage even when they’re not on the premises. This allows any incident to be dealt with promptly and is particularly useful when the workshop is open at night.

It’s always satisfying to work with clients like Diesel Services Albany who embrace the potential of IP CCTV technology and can see such great results from using it across their business model. We hope to undertake more exciting projects with Wayne and his team.

Their website: dieselservicesalbany.co.nz
Their Facebook page: facebook.com/dsalbany.co.nz/