Customised security for large scale distribution

New Zealand Wine Cellars is a large scale wine distribution warehouse in Manukau with a head office in the Auckland CBD. Well known for their strong online brand New Zealand Wine Society, the company stocks more than 600 wines including sparkling, red, and white wines sourced from New Zealand, Australia, France, Spain, and Italy. Customers can purchase straight dozens, mixed wine cases, single grape varietals, and splendid blends with the order shipped directly to them.

With such demanding logistics New Zealand Wine Cellars were looking to improve stock management and control in their warehouse. Trinity CCTV was able to assist by installing surveillance and security as part of the improvement strategy.

High volume stock movement means a lot of vehicles coming and going, a lot of activity within the warehouse, and usually a large space that needs to be monitored. It is therefore crucial to get detail rich, megapixel quality footage which will provide large, high resolution images. Important details such as facial or object recognition can then be detected. This is why Trinity recommends high definition IP surveillance for this type of environment.

For New Zealand Wine Cellars, the latest IP technology was utilised with cameras covering all entry / exit points in the building including the loading docks and roller doors. All deliveries and pick-ups can now be closely monitored. Exterior cameras assist by recording vehicle movement, in particular after hours traffic on site. High definition IP cameras in the large warehouse space ensure all stock movement is recorded. Footage is also useful for monitoring Health & Safety processes and staff training.

The NVR recorder was set up with remote view access for management. This allows workflow in the warehouse to be monitored continuously to maximise productivity and efficiency, even if management are not on site. With access to both live and recorded footage from any internet connected device management can also promptly investigate and resolve any incident or stock query.

Trinity also designed a customised, stand alone alarm system for the fire doors which had been identified as high risk entry / exit points in the building. Separate from the warehouse’s main security system the new fire door alarm is armed 24/7 and will notify management if anyone opens a fire escape door. The door alarm also triggers an event on the NVR so management can easily search the CCTV system at a later date and bring up video relating to any fire door opening. This greatly reduces the time required to find relevant footage.

It’s great to see clients like New Zealand Wine Cellars integrating the use of surveillance technology in their businesses. Customised security devices, such as the fire door alarm for this client, can be designed for any size application, often very cost effectively. Talk to the team at Trinity CCTV today.

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