Rental CCTV security for multi-site construction

Theft and vandalism on construction sites is a growing trend in New Zealand with thieves realising the potential for easy gain. Everything from raw materials, tools and machines left on-site through to whiteware and finishings are targeted. A single site can be struck with multiple incidences over the course of a build.

The conventional response has been to have a guard on-site after hours but this can get expensive and is unfortunately not always effective as a guard can only be in one part of the site at a time. Here at Trinity we saw there was a real need for a more effective solution that was flexible enough to handle different site requirements, quick to install, and available on a day by day basis. And so our rental CCTV & security category began.

One of our favourite customers in this sector is Bodley Construction. This family owned, multi-disciplined construction company undertakes small to medium projects in the $0.1 to $20 million range. Projects range from large town house reclads to the construction of commercial offices and warehouses, residential construction and even building maintenance.

Bodley Construction building site day shotDirector Doug Bodley first contacted Trinity regarding a commercial construction site being plagued with recurring thefts. After an initial consultation we recommended two solar powered GSM cameras mounted on poles. With no power or internet on site the cameras are completely stand alone and the high mounting points allow them a view of the entire site (as well as protecting them from vandalism).

Bodley Construction night shot from CCTV cameraThe cameras are configured to automatically switch on after hours and monitor for motion. If motion is detected still shots are sent to the monitoring station who then assess the images and contact the client, or send a guard if required.

The cameras have now been on site for a number of months and are proving their worth. Doug Bodley reports that since the cameras have been installed there have been no further incidences of theft from the site.

A second site has also been recently installed for an extensive residential renovation and reclad. Located in a busy suburban street, with a client who is still living in the home, there is a lot of potential risk with such a vulnerable site.

This rental system installation includes high resolution 3MP cameras which record on motion 24-hours a day, recording any sub contractors coming onto the site and any equipment removed from the site. After hours the site connects with a monitoring company who review footage and dispatch a guard if required. Monitoring all activity gives peace of mind to the client as well the contractors who are on site. And with the megapixel cameras providing high resolution, detailed images, any incidences can be investigated and resolved promptly.

Day image from construction site

It’s always great finding like-minded companies to work with and Bodley Construction have been quick to see the benefits of rental CCTV security for their business. We look forward to Doug challenging us with a solution for their next exciting development. Learn more about Trinity’s site rental solutions here.

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