Diesel theft from a excavator

Sharples Logging in Christchurch were having an ongoing problem with diesel being stolen from their Hitachi 300 Excavator with Waratah Processing Headtree felling machine.

Owner Jill Sharple contacted a number of companies but none could offer a product that could cope with the amount of movement when the machine was in operation, record day and night, and remain charged when out on site. The equipment also needed to be affordable and something they could install and maintain themselves.

The solution was a customised all-in-one security camera and PIR motion detector alarm system that sends PXT messages on activation of the PIR as well as recording video of the activation. Jill receives notification straight away of movement near the machine and the CCTV camera records video for later use if required.  This means even if the machine is on site they can effectively manage the security of it wherever they are.

The hardware cost of this project was under $2000 and the only ongoing cost is the maintenance of the SIM card inside the security camera. The product has now been operating for a number of years and still going strong. Jill says she is “happy to advocate the use of this equipment, particularly in our situation where diesel theft and machinery damage is a huge problem”.


Jill and David Sharple with their Hitachi 300 Excavator felling machine

Camera inside Exc300 Cab

The massive cab – you can see the camera mounted at the top left of the cab

GSM Eye fitted to Exc300 Cab

The PIR sensor and camera is visible from the front of the machine

To learn more about Sharples Logging’s ground-based surface hauling machinery they can be contacted from their website: www.sharpleslogging.co.nz